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ACL : Articles in national or international journals (ISI Web of Knowledge, Google Scholar, Harzing Publish or Perish, Pub Med…)

[ACL 1]    BRESSI S., SANTOS J., GIUNTA M., PISTONESI L., LO PRESTI D. « A comparative life-cycle assessment of asphalt mixtures for railway sub-ballast containing alternative materials ». Resources, Conservation and Recycling [En ligne]. 2018. Vol. 137, p. 76‑88. Disponible sur : < >

[ACL 2]    SANTOS J., CEREZO V., SOUDANI K., BRESSI S. « A comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of hot mixes asphalt containing bituminous binder modified with waste and virgin polymer ». Procedia CIRP [En ligne]. 2018. Vol. 69, p. 194‑199. Disponible sur : < >

[ACL 3]    SANTOS J., FLINTSCH G., FERREIRA A., CEREZO V. « A multi-objective optimization approach for sustainable pavement management ». Structure and Infrastructure Engineering: Maintenance, Management, Life-Cycle Design and Performance [En ligne]. 18 février 2018. Vol. 14, p. 854‑868. Disponible sur : < >

[ACL 4]    MURESAN B., METZGER E., JEZEQUEL D., COSSA D. « A multiscale study of mercury transformations and dynamics at the chemocline of the Petit-Saut tropical reservoir (French Guiana) ». Science of the Total Environment. mars 2018. Vol. 630, p. 1401‑1412.

[ACL 5]    MURESAN PASLARU B., FRANÇOIS D. « Air quality in tramway and high-level buses: A mixed experimental/modeling approach to estimating users’ exposure ». Transport Research Part D [En ligne]. décembre 2018. Vol. 65, p. 244‑263. Disponible sur : < >

[ACL 6]    HICHRI Y., CEREZO V., DO M.-T., ZAHOUANI H. « Effect of particles’ characteristics and road surface’s texture on tire/road friction ». Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties  (STMP) [En ligne]. 2018. Vol. 6, n°3,. Disponible sur : < >

[ACL 7]    SANTOS J., BRESSI S., CEREZO V., LO PRESTI D., DAUVERGNE M. « Life cycle assessment of low temperature asphalt mixtures for road pavement surfaces: a comparative analysis ». Resources, Conservation & Recycling [En ligne]. 1 août 2018. Vol. 128, p. 283‑297. Disponible sur : < >

[ACL 8]    KANE M., EDMONSON V. « Modelling the bitumen scour effect: enhancement of a dynamic friction model to predict the skid resistance of rubber upon asphalt pavement surfaces subjected to wear by traffic polishing ». WEAR. avril 2018. Vol. 400‑401, p. 100‑110.

[ACL 9]    CHANGARNIER S., HICHRI Y., CEREZO V., DO M.-T., SALVATORE F., ZAHOUANI H. « Observations of dry particles behaviour at the tyre/road interface ». Tribology International [En ligne]. décembre 2018. Vol. 128, p. 291‑301. Disponible sur : < >

ACLN : Other articles

[ACLN 1]    CHAGNEAU D., FRANÇOIS D. « Redécouverte surprenante de Lappula squarrosa (Retz.) Dumort subsp. squarrosa en Loire-Atlantique (France) ». Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de l’Ouest de la France (N.S.). 2018. Vol. 40, n°1

INV : Lecture given in a national or international conference

[INV 1]    CEREZO V. LCE4ROADS: a new certification system for sustainable roads. juillet 2018.

ACTI : Communications with proceedings in a international congress

[ACTI 1]    SANTOS J., CEREZO V., SOUDANI K., BRESSI S. « A comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of hot mixes asphalt containing bituminous binder modified wityh waste and virgin polymer ». In : 25th CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 2]    LO PRESTI D., BRESSI S., SANTOS J., BRODIE S., BRYCE J., CEREZO V., PARRY T. « A sustainability performance-based assessment too for ecodesign of roads and railways ». In : SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting. [s.l.] : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 3]    SHARMA A., BOUTELDJA M., CEREZO V. « Adaptive high gain and adaptive SOSM observer estimation comparison for rolling resistance ». In : 6th International Conference on Control Engineering & Information Technology (CEIT2018). Istanbul, Turquie : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 4]    BOUTELDJA M., GERTHOFFERT J., CEREZO V., GARNIER DE BOISGROLLIER J., BELON S. « Assessment methodology for wet runway surface conditions ». In : 8th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics (SURF 2018). Brisbane, Australia : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 5]    CEREZO V., RADO Z., KANE M. « Comparison of European and American Methods for Harmonizing Friction Measurements – Results of the 1st European Pavement Friction Workshop ». In : 8th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics (SURF 2018). Brisbane, Australia : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 6]    HICHRI Y., CEREZO V., DO M.-T. « Effect of fine particles on road skid resistance ». In : 8th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics (SURF 2018). Brisbane, Australia : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 7]    FRANÇOIS D., PEDROLI B. « Going off-road: New partnership arrangements towards biodiversity-friendly management practices for green verges ». In : 6th IENE International Conference on Ecology and Transportation,. Eindhoven, The Netherlands : [s.n.], 2018.

[ACTI 8]    GERTHOFFERT J., CEREZO V., THIERY M., BOUTELDJA M., DO M.-T. « Validation of a Brush-based approach to model runway friction measuring device ». In : 8th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics (SURF 2018). Brisbane, Australia : [s.n.], 2018.

ACTN : Communications with proceedings in a national congress

[ACTN 1]    FRANÇOIS D. « Infrastructures linéaires de transport et biodiversité - Recherche dans le cadre du programme ITTECOP ». In : Colloque final du LIFE Elia-RTE. Paris, La Defense, France : [s.n.], [s.d.]. p. 137.

COM : Presentation given in an international or national conference

[COM 1]    CEREZO V. Apport de la tribologie à l’étude du contact pneu/chaussée. 27 juin 2018.

[COM 2]    KANE M., EDMONDSON V., DO M.-T., CEREZO V. Effect of road surface Macrotexture and Microtexture on skid resistance: parametric study using the DFM. septembre 2018.

[COM 3]    CEREZO V., ROPERT C., HICHRI Y., DO M.-T. Evolution of the road bitumen/aggregate interface under tCOM raffic-induced polishing. septembre 2018.

[COM 4]    FRANÇOIS D. Ménager les abeilles dans l’environnement routier. 8 novembre 2018.

[COM 5]    CEREZO V., DO M.-T. Road surface properties – skid resistance, rolling resistance and rolling noise. 1 septembre 2018.

[COM 6]    HICHRI Y., DESCARTES S., CEREZO V., DO M.-T. Understanding the behavior of fine particles at the tire/road interface. septembre 2018.

OS : Scientific books (or chapiters of these books)

[OS 1]    SANTOS J., CEREZO V., FLINTSCH G., FERREIRA A. « A many-objective optimization model for sustainable pavement management considering several environmental metrics through a multi-dimensionality reduction approach ». Ghent, Belgium : Robby Caspeele, Luc Taerwe, Dan M. Frangopol, 2018. p. 564.ISBN : 978-1-138-62633-1.

[OS 2]    SOUDANI K., CEREZO V., HADDADI S. « Effect of NBR-waste on rheological properties of modified bitumen and the mechanical characteristics of the asphalt mix ». In : GeoMEast 2017 International Congress « Sustainable Civil Infrastructures: Innovative Infrastructure Geotechnology ». [s.l.] : Shehata H., Rashed Y. (eds), 2018. p. 203‑213.ISBN : 978-3-319-61904-0.

TH : Supported thesis

[TH 1]    HICHRI Y. Adhérence des chaussées contaminées par des particules. Thèse de doctorat de 3ème cycle. Nantes, France : Ecole Centrale de Nantes, ED SPI, 2018. 219 p.